Could you or someone you know benefit from sharing their
worries or concerns?
Counselling is a process through which one person helps
another to work through difficulties in a supportive and
understanding atmosphere.
It is designed to help self exploration and understanding
so that you can become more consciously aware of what is
happening in your life and feel better able to face problems more
objectively or with less anxiety and tension.

some of the issues which people might bring to counselling are:

Unhappy Life History    Anxiety    Loss or Bereavement

Lack of Direction    Depression    Coping with Stress

Life Pressures    Abuse    Low Self-Esteem    Alcohol

Relationship Difficulties    Personal Growth

Perhaps you would welcome a time and space to explore where you
are and what you want to do in life.

Counselling and Personal Therapy offers a safe and confidential
place to talk.
Susan Carlin Counselling and Personal Therapy
email:           telephone: 07843 202 542